About Lordrag

My name is Lordrag Bowman. I’m the author and curator of Pulling To The Left.

Liberal snarks from the left coast. That’s what I’m all about. I’ve watched the world with a focus on politics and religion for most of my life, and because I have a big mouth and itchy typing fingers, I can’t help but sound off on it. I also run a discussion forum on Delphi where we argue about this stuff day and night, so if the mood strikes, join us there.

I believe in capitalism. But I also believe that to be healthy, it must be tamed and regulated. Unregulated capitalism is as despotic as unfettered communism.

I believe that a truly healthy economic system requires a strong, well-protected middle class. It’s the middle class who buy and consume the things that keep an economy moving.

I believe in a strong safety net. Individuals should be free to be able to accomplish whatever success they aim for, so long as it is not to the detriment of the community, and only so long as those at the bottom aren’t left to die and to rot.

I believe in freedom of religion, but I also believe that freedom of religion carries along with it freedom from religion. I do not believe in any gods or other superstitions.

I am not paid by any campaign, political party or any other entity to post my political opinions.

3 thoughts on “About Lordrag

  1. I thought you might be a honest blogger until I read some of you warped commentary. You are the typical leftist spouting the standard talking points of the mentality confused. You need to research your beliefs better (being wise will turn you into a fool) God’s word not mine.

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