ANOTHER ONE: Black Georgia GOP official removed from Atlanta Trump event with no explanation

A rising star in the Georgia Republican Party was barred from a meet and greet with Donald Trump at the candidate’s rally in Atlanta on June 15.

Michael McNeely was proceeding with other high-ranking Georgia Republicans to meet with Trump backstage when he was intercepted by the Secret Service and hustled out of the theater.

Multiple witnesses saw Trump’s Georgia campaign director Brandon Phillips stop McNeely and tell him there was “no more room for you” backstage. A Georgia GOP official reported the incident to BuzzFeed.

When Sands attempted to reach McNeely for comment, McNeely said, “I’ll have to get back to you,” then never returned calls or issued a statement.

The Trump campaign, the Georgia Republican Party and Phillips have all declined to address the incident.

Just yesterday, we reported that the head of Trump’s Florida campaign’s outreach to black voters, Sean Jackson, who is black, was ejected from backstage at a Trump event by Trump’s Florida campaign manager.

And in March, a group of 30 black students were removed from a Trump rally at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. The students were reportedly standing silently in the bleachers but were asked to leave.