The toxic culture at right wing “news” organizations

We’ve heard stories of the hell female anchors and staffers have endured at the hands of Roger Ailes at Fox News, and now it seems that the culture was just as toxic at Breitbart.

Members of the white nationalist alt-right may be cheering Donald Trump’s hire of Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon, but some of Bannon’s own former staffers have expressed concerns about their onetime boss.

Several ex-Breitbart representatives and editors warned that Bannon, who was officially brought on as the Trump campaign’s CEO on Wednesday, was a combative, volatile figure who would intensify the Republican nominee’s fraught relationship with the press.

Two of those staffers departed from the conservative news site in March after then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields accused then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of aggressively grabbing her arm. Fields and other Breitbart employees said that senior staff, including Bannon, sided with the Trump campaign and effectively threw their own reporter under the bus.

“It signals a dangerous and, even more so, combative and divisive turn,” Former Breitbart News spokesman Kurt Bardella told Media Matters on Wednesday about Bannon’s hiring by the Republican nominee. “It’s an indication that this campaign, as negative as it has been, is going to be even more so going forward. If the media thought that their relationship with the Trump campaign was challenging before this, it’s going to be 10 times worse now.”

Bardella called Bannon “pathological liar who has a temperament that governs by bullying and intimidation and functions very much like a dictator at Breitbart.”

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Source: Former Breitbart Staffers Warn Against Trump’s New Campaign Chief