Hillary Clinton’s health care plan is something Sanders voters should support.

Hillary Clinton’s plan includes a “public option” within Obamacare, and allows people to enroll in Medicare at age 55.

Clinton emphasized her goal of eventually providing universal health care.

“We have more work to do to finish our long fight to provide universal, quality, affordable health care to everyone in America,” she said in a statement. “Already, the Affordable Care Act has expanded coverage to 20 million Americans. As president, I will make sure Republicans never succeed in their attempts to strip away their care and that the remaining uninsured should be able to get the affordable coverage they need to stay healthy.”

In a press call with reporters Saturday timed to coincide with the plan’s release, Bernie Sanders applauded the move, calling it an important step forward.

“I congratulate Secretary Clinton for this extraordinary initiative,” he said. “It will save lives, it will ease suffering and it will improve healthcare in America and it will cut healthcare costs.”

Source: Clinton rolls out Sanders-like healthcare plan | TheHill