Who do we blame?

Let me get this straight. When numerous white cops kill numerous black people who didn’t deserve to die, we’re told not to blame all police, only a “few bad apples.” But when someone kills cops, we’re told it’s the fault of the entire Black Lives Matter movement, President Obama, Democrats, liberals, all black people, immigrants, and everyone who’s not a hardcore right wing Trump supporter.

For example, former Representative Joe Walsh, a teabagger for the ages who now hosts a nationally syndicated far-right radio show, posted a tweet around midnight warning that “Real America” was coming after Obama and Black Lives Matter activists.

Walsh deleted the post, but later tweeted, insisting he wasn’t “calling for violence,” just for people to “defend our cops.”

As of Friday morning, his Twitter feed was still overflowing with posts blaming the president’s “words” and “BLM’s deeds” for the attack on law enforcement at the end of a Dallas Black Lives Matter protest. The attack killed five officers and wounded seven others. Two civilians were also injured in the attack.

I note Walsh said nothing about protecting black people after Alton Sterling and Philander Castile, but these cop shootings are the fault of black people and President Obama, according to him.

So when black people are disproportionally killed by white cops, we should never blame cops, racism, police bias or anything else. But if a cop gets killed, then it’s time to go hunting for the President and all black people.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

America is a death cult. We kill each other because we like doing it. It’s the American way. We are guns, and guns are us. Happy second amendment, everyone.