WATCH: Some ‘Bernie-or-bust’ voters are backing Trump — and The Daily Show asks why

Jessica Williams will be missed from The Daily Show. She’s moving on to her own well-deserved show on Comedy Central, while TDS will certainly struggle more with her. Hers were some of the show’s brighter segments as people have noted that Trevor Noah, while affable and often funny, seems to lack the biting edge of Jon Stewart.

Williams contributed one more heat-generating segment by scolding Bernie Sanders supporters who say they are thinking of voting for Donald Trump.

Polls have shown that about one-fourth of Bernie Sanders’ supporters would back Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Williams gathered six Sanders loyalists together on her last appearance to find out why.

Three male voters — black, Hispanic and white — told Williams they would “probably be looking at Trump” despite his racist rhetoric and proposals, as Williams looked on in bewilderment.

WATCH the entire segment here.