A “true liberal”?

A “true liberal” should not be REQUIRED to hate Hillary.

A “true liberal” should not be REQUIRED to love Bernie.

And yet, I’ve been told that anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton is more qualified, no matter how much he or she may like Bernie Sanders, cannot be a “true liberal.”

And that’s how you lost me. I will never, ever sign on to fundamentalism, religious or political.

The saddest thing I’ve seen in my adult life is the left becoming as irrational and as close-minded as hardcore right wing extremists. The stuff I’m reading from Bernie supporters about Hillary is just as unhinged as what teabaggers post about President Obama.

Yes, I’ve seen some rancid stuff posted about Bernie by Hillary supporters, but just from my personal observation (and the attacks I’m getting on social media), the Bernie fans are winning the craziness battle.

Words can’t describe how disappointed I am that liberals have become infected with the same kind of crazy that is currently destroying conservatives.