11 reasons why Bernie Sanders lost this thing fair and square

“Bernie Sanders exceeded all primary season expectations and was en route to building something of a real movement. But rather than locking in those gains and settling in for a long-haul effort, he’s opted for a legacy-busting temper tantrum instead, heading out the (primary) door in a cloud of whining, conspiracy mongering, and blame casting. It’s a bizarre finale to what was undoubtedly an incredible run. So here are some observations, not because it matters—he’s lost—but because his claims of victimhood are absolute bullshit and need to be corrected.”

(Read at the link for explanations.)

1. If you plan for a coup, you’ve already lost

2. He may want to disenfranchise them, but communities of color voted against Sanders

3. No, Sanders won’t do better than Clinton against Trump.

4.  No, the system wasn’t rigged against him

5. But what about the media blackout?

6. All that money!

7. The system was rigged because of closed primaries!

8. The system wasn’t rigged because red states voted

9. If the system is rigged, why does Sanders have more delegates than his vote share?

10. The system is rigged because more voters are voting for my opponent!

11. The system is rigged because if we could start now, more people would vote for Sanders and he’d be winning more!

Read them here: 11 reasons why Bernie Sanders lost this thing fair and square