The Bernie bots are frothing at the mouth

A couple of deranged Bernie bots on Facebook accused me of being a “paid shill” of Hillary Clinton, out to destroy Bernie Sanders. Now, think about that for a second.

I don’t even have 200 followers on Facebook.

But Hillary is paying me to “destroy” Bernie by… uh… posting on Facebook.

Er, okay.

This is how nutty and paranoid Bernie supporters are getting. I am embarrassed I was one for a while. But thanks to the irrational religious-style fundamentalism of some of both Bernie and Hillary supporters, there’s no way in hell I’ll step foot in a voting booth. Keep me as far as possible from the crazies.


One thought on “The Bernie bots are frothing at the mouth

  1. Tell them this:
    This is a free country. My opinions do not require your approval.
    There never have; they never will.
    Then, block them.
    I support Clinton; not, Sanders.

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