WATCH: Bernie shows how to deal with crazy protesters

WATCH: Bernie Sanders shows how to shut down a crazy protester ranting at him.

The man in the audience yells about “Zionist Jews” controlling all our banks and money. Bernie listens, then answers him directly, and talks about Palestinian rights.

The man cited Sanders’ Jewish ancestry and the fact that he spent a year in Israel, before yelling, “As you know, the Zionist Jews – and I don’t mean to offend anybody – they run the Federal Reserve, they run Wall Street, they run every campaign.”

As the crowd began booing, the man shouted, “What is your affiliation to your Jewish community? That’s all I’m asking.”

“I am proud to be Jewish, ” Bernie answered to applause. “But you’re not going to find any candidate running for president, for example, talking about Zionism and the Middle East.”

He stated that he supports Israel before adding, “I also believe that we have got to pay attention to the needs of the Palestinians!”


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