Minimum wage: What’s it worth to you?

I’m more than willing to pay a few extra cents for my burger if that means the full-time minimum wage worker serving me is able to live like a human being.

But see, prices go up ANYWAY. And studies show that minimum wage increases don’t result in massive job losses… they actually result in more worker productivity and lower employee turnover for businesses. It also puts more money into local economies.

That said, however, California’s state-wide increase to 15 dollars an hour by 2022 gets us into areas that haven’t been studied before. It remains to be seen what all the effects will be.

But here’s one thing we already know: Cost-of-living increases will have more than caught up with the new minimum wage increases by 2024. So, to NOT raise the minimum wage now is to just perpetuate wage slavery and further economic upheaval as full-time workers won’t make enough to live on.


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