Caught between a rock and a hell place

I’d hate to be a Republican Party official right now.

They’ve got to be putting bullets in their guns and getting used to the taste of the barrels. The realization is setting in that, yeah, maybe they can stop Trump, but then they’ll be stuck with Cruz.

Click, click.

They have to be thinking they’ve lost the White House. Now, their only hope is to somehow minimize how many congressional seats they’ll lose. I have a feeling Mitch McConnell will be wishing he’d approved Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.


One thought on “Caught between a rock and a hell place

  1. They are in a tough place right now; and, hoping for some sort of miracle.
    The Democratisc Party has to gain 30 seats in the HoR to get to 218. I doubt that will happen.
    The GOP does need talent. I am not sure if they want new talent.

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