Republicans, why so worried about Trump? You created him.

It’s so amusing watching Republicans wring their hands over Donald Trump… because when you take a close look at Trump’s opinions on immigration, terrorism, xenophobia, and so on, they precisely mirror just what right wingers have been saying all along.

The trouble for Republicans is that Trump is laying them out without trying to cover their naked hatefulness, and that’s what scares the hell out of the GOP establishment: Voters are finally able to see plainly what they’ve always been about.

In its irrational hatred of Barack Obama, the Republican Party swung wide the doors for the Tea partiers, and did nothing to moderate the sheer crazy that ensued – all the talk of Obama being a Kenyan-born Muslim Nazi/socialist/commie/baby killer/black guy/not really black guy/gay mafia/etc.

And Donald Trump is merely the logical result.