Trump warns of ‘riots’ if he isn’t GOP nominee

Donald Trump has adopted yet another fascist tactic: The threat of violence if he doesn’t get his way.

Today he warned of “riots” if he isn’t named the GOP presidential nominee. And like other fascist leaders, he will insist he’s not threatening it himself, it’s just that his followers are so angry and out of control that violence can’t be helped, the same way he excuses the violence his “Stormtrumpers” have carried out against protesters.

Make no mistake: This will be a never-ending promise of violence.

This will, no doubt, be followed by threats of “riots” if he’s not elected president. And that will be followed by threats of “riots” if Congress doesn’t do his bidding. Followed by threats of “riots” if the American people speak out against him.

People who have read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich should be shitting their pants right about now.


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