Robert Reich: 7 ways fascists amass power

Robert Reich’s post on Facebook makes clear he’s not suggesting Donald Trump is a fascist or a wannabe dictator, but…

Since the 1930s, fascist dictators have used 7 techniques to amass power. I’m not suggesting Donald Trump is a fascist or wanna-be dictator, but he does seem to be following the script.

1. Create a cult of personality. (Donald Trump doesn’t offer policy prescriptions. He offers himself as a strongman who is powerful enough do whatever it takes.)

2. Jail the media. (Trump hasn’t gone this far, but reporters covering his rallies are kept in a cage, quite literally. And he describes the media as his enemy.)

3. Intimidate opponents. (This is Trump’s stock in trade. For example, he tweeted recently that the Ricketts family, who are spending money against his candidacy, “better be careful, they have a lot to hide.”)

4. Incite violence. (People describing themselves as Trump supporters have attacked Muslims and the homeless. At his rallies, his supporters have beaten and spit on black protesters.)

5. Scapegoat racial and ethnic minorities. (Trump blames America’s problems on Mexican immigrants, Muslims, Muslim-Americans, and African-Americans.)

6. Glorify national power. (Trump’s entire foreign policy consists of asserting American power and fueling xenophobia against other nations.)

6. Disregard international law. (Trump wants to use torture, punish the families of terrorists, for example.)

7. Create a mass following directly, without party or other intermediaries. (Trump’s tweets circumvent all filters. It’s just him and his followers.)

What do you think?

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