Nazi salute: Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing

Donald Trump is doubling down on making attendees of his rallies raise their right hands and pledge their loyalty and their votes to him. Some have said the resulting scenes are disturbingly familiar to the outstretched right arms of Nazi salutes, seen in the days when Hitler demanded his followers pledge loyalty to him.

Social media exploded with the comparison the first time Trump did this at a rally in Orlando, Florida. And Trump, who practically lives on Twitter, is sure to have seen it.

The fact that he’s now doubling down on it and apparently making it a regular feature of his rallies shows us that he either doesn’t care, is doing it just to enrage his critics, or is making a blatant shout out to his racist and white supremacist supporters.

Whichever it is, Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

Trump Nazi salute