Here’s why evangelical Christians support Trump

I’ve seen a few articles in the last few days filled with wonderment that evangelical Christians are so fervently supporting a multiple divorcee, adulterer, someone who once supported abortion rights, someone who says he has no need to repent for anything, someone who actually once said nice things about the hated Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

But it’s not really a surprise.

Evangelical Christians support Donald Trump, not because of their Christianity, but because their evangelicalism has nothing to do with love and self-sacrifice. It has to do with their personal, petty grievances, their longing to see those who disagree with them burning in a lake of fire forever and ever, their self-pitying self-martyrdom, their bigotry, and their hatred of the other.

They also love the boss-man, the bully who will push everyone else around and make sure everyone marches in step with the one, single, authoritarian voice.

It is essentially the same appeal that drives people to fundamentalist, exclusionary religions: Only we are right, anyone who disagrees isn’t just wrong, they’re evil and must be wiped out.

It’s also an easy way to turn off one’s brain and not have to think about implications, consequences, or how anything might affect other people. The strongman has spoken, there is no room for dissent or discussion.

Trump is promising to “bomb the hell out of” their enemies, to push people around who don’t agree with their worldview, and that’s all they need to know.