Who killed Scalia? One presidential candidate had the most to lose.

Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, conspiracy theorists have worked themselves into a tizzy. Absolutely nothing happens as it appears to happen, EVERYTHING is the result of some massive conspiracy.

So it is with the death of the Supreme Court’s most conservative justice. Conspiracy theorists, simultaneously very imaginative and yet without imagination immediately pointed figures at President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Right wingers jumped on the theory, loving to blame any and everything on the president.

But if you want to talk conspiracy theories, then it was Ted Cruz who had Scalia killed, since Cruz has the most to lose if the question of his eligibility goes before the Supreme Court. Scalia, an allegedly strict Constitutional originalist, would likely have ruled against the Texas senator.

Do I really think Ted Cruz had Scalia murdered? Of course not. I’m just showing how incredibly stupid conspiracy theories are.