Ted Cruz wants to copy the USSR

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. One of the things that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union was its overspending on a bloated military. Apparently, Ted Cruz wants to do the same thing to the United States.

Cruz laid out his vision for expanding the U.S. military on an aircraft carrier in South Carolina today, vowing to rebuild the military so “it will be feared by our enemies and trusted by our allies.”

He also called for expanding the Air Force to include at least 6,000 airplanes, up from 4,000, and to increase the number of battleships from 273 to 350.

We already have the largest, most powerful military in the world, bigger than the next several nations combined.

It’s interesting that Cruz has such a detailed plan on where to find the money for this expanding bloat — saying he would cut federal spending by at least $500 billion, sell federal assets and properties and audit the Pentagon to find savings. Basically, he’ll cut money for unimportant things like our crumbling infrastructure and aid for the unemployed.

It’s funny how easily Republicans like Cruz can find money for the military, but claim we can’t afford to help the poor.