Go ahead, make his day.

Within minutes of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, Republicans were letting it be known they would not accept any nominee coming from Obama, and furthermore, according to some arcane constitutional provision I haven’t been able to find yet, the NEXT president should nominate Scalia’s replacement.

There are a couple of problems with their assessment.

First of all, they seem to be assuming that a Republican is going to win the White House. They seem to be forgetting that Hillary Clinton may win, and she’s said she likes the idea of nominating Obama for the Supreme Court (even though he’s said he doesn’t want to be, but the idea stills scares the hell out of right wingers). With the Senate up for grabs in 2016, do they really want to take that chance?

And speaking of which, the Senate is up for grabs!

Second of all, they seem to be assuming that if they obstruct for a year that it’s going to make the voters like Republicans more. Newsflash: It won’t.

So as Obama has said he intends to nominate Scalia’s replacement, as is his constitutional duty, GOP obstructionism will only ensure more Democrats get to the polls in November, including the ones who don’t like Hillary.

In fact, Republicans delaying and obstructing the president’s pick for the Supreme Court just might elect Hillary, because that’s enough to get disheartened Democrats who are none too thrilled with her off their asses on election day. At the very least, it makes Clinton’s path to the White House easier. And if the Democrats take more seats in the Senate, watch out Supreme Court!

So go ahead, Republicans. Make Obama’s day.