Ted Cruz still at it: Campaign sends out another deceptive mailer

Ted Cruz is out with a deceptive new mailer that masquerades as official government business and promises people there’s a “check enclosed” when it’s actually asking for money instead.

A New Jersey resident sent The Huffington Post the latest piece of mail he received from Cruz’s campaign. The envelope appears to have come from Cruz’s Senate office and has his name printed the same way it often is for Senate business. In small type the mailer clarifies that it is for “personal” matters and was not sent at taxpayers’ expense. It also promises a check.

But the check inside — which is made out to the Cruz campaign, not to the voter — is fake. The accompanying letter promises that a “group of generous supporters” have promised to match donations received in response to the mailer.

Readers from about a dozen other states wrote in after this story was published to say they’d received the same mailer. It appears to have been sent out widely, to registered Democrats, Republicans and Independents. One man in Pennsylvania said his nine-year-old child received a copy of the letter addressed to him.

Source: Ted Cruz’s Latest Mailer Is Almost Too Much To Be Believed