This woman ran for president: Bachmann claims Obama will take over UN

Former Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann says President Obama is planning to take over the UN, and then appeared to agree with a radio host that the president may be the Antichrist.

This woman ran for president once. People actually voted for her.

Bachmann appeared on a right wing “end times” radio show hosted by Jan Markell and Eric Barger. She cited a report from the right-wing outlet Investor’s Business Daily about a story that originated with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, which claimed that Obama is trying to become secretary-general of the United Nations while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is thwarting his bid. If this story sounds too strange to be true, that’s probably because it is: Right Wing Watch hasn’t been able to track down the original Al-Jarida article, but it’s the same newspaper which fallaciously reported that Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli aircraft trying to bomb Iran’s nuclear program.

Bachmann didn’t let those facts get in the way, running with the claim, insisting that Netanyahu is rallying Arab nations against Obama’s bid to lead the United Nations.

“Obama would only go into an empowered, powerful UN, powerful enough to see the United States come under the UN’s authority,” she warned.

Barger suggested that Obama may in fact be the Antichrist: “The whole idea of Obama being able to extend his presidency, even enhance it and expand it, I don’t think I need to say what I’m thinking because I think a lot of the listeners are thinking the same thing, and we all are too, and as you shake your head you wonder what’s coming next.”

Source: Michele Bachmann: Obama Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches | Right Wing Watch