A Christian nation?

I hear that “Judeo-Christian values” built this country, and that’s why America is “a Christian nation.”


It IS true that many people in our early history were Christians of one kind or another, some barely so, some more serious about it, and some weren’t Christian at all but would be considered quite heretical by conservative Christians of today. But that doesn’t make us a Christian nation.

It’s more accurate to say that Christianity has been used as a tool to sell policies and political candidates. For example, in the fight over slavery, both sides appealed to the Bible and Christian doctrine to justify their beliefs… or to make others accept their opinions as somehow backed up by God… Because nothing convinces a certain type of person to go along with something more than telling him that God wants it.

If a certain politician or policy wants fervent support from simple-minded people, an argument based on reason and facts doesn’t cut the cake. But telling them, “I’m on God’s side, and God told me to do this!” makes them line up and toe the line. Who wants to go against God, if you’re a true believer?

Religion is more than the opiate of the masses. It’s also the motivator of the masses and often works much better than reason and rational argument. It’s also faster.

So you better believe God told Ted Cruz to run, and Cruz is God’s plan to save America. That means if you don’t vote for Cruz, God’s going to be very pissed at you.