Health insurance extortion

What if every person in the United States just stopped paying their health insurance premiums, and refused to go along with a system predicated on bullying people, taking their money and refusing to help them?

It’ll never happen, though. Private health insurance companies hold our lives in their corporate hands, and if we do not bow and pay our extortion fees, they will see to it we and our loved ones suffer or die.

But one day, if humanity survives, people will look back on the American health care system and marvel that an infrastructure built on the brutality of extorting people over their health, making life and death a matter of profit, could have survived as long as it did, that it could have lasted so long before people rose up and tore their cruel masters to shreds. They’ll look back at it the way we look back on American slavery.

In future history books, if there are people left to write and read them, our society will be considered brutish and criminal, an embarrassing chapter in the history of the world.