Your vote counts(?)

Thinking your vote counts against the massive money piled up by the 1% on one side, and an increasingly ignorant, hate-filled, rage-addicted populace on the other, is like pouring a glass of water on a burning crack house that’s nearly completely consumed. First of all, that glass of water won’t do a damn thing, and second of all, what’s the point of saving the crack house when it’s almost completely burned down already? Our system is a complete failure, unable to support itself as more and more of our population becomes illiterate and (deliberately) misinformed.

It’s easy to blame politicians, but politicians are only a product of us and of a system hobbled by the absence of its most important part.

Democracy requires an invested citizenry, and investment requires rational thinking informed by substantive information. We don’t have that anymore.

Recent surveys show that hatred and mistrust of our government are at an all-time high. Sure, you can blame the dominance of corporate media, but the corporate media only cares about ratings. They only serve what people want, and since people are addicted to hate, anger, and bigotry, the media shovels more of it into our willing eyes and ears. We reward them with higher ratings and by buying what their ads are selling.

The rise of Donald Trump shows that we are becoming more tribal, and a democratic republic cannot function in a tribal culture.

Don’t blame Trump. He is only exploiting the hate and bigotry that’s already there.

The problem, dear Brutus, is not in our politicians, but in ourselves.