Republicans are trying to help Bernie Sanders win

Republicans are behind Bernie Sanders, but not because they like his message.

I’ve seen lots of comments to Facebook posts, defending Bernie and claiming Bernie supporters will refuse to vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. I checked out profiles and discovered many of them were posting hardcore right wing memes… which I find very interesting and very telling. These alleged Bernie supporters seem very Republican to me, some even posting dozens of pro-Trump messages.

I love Bernie. I wish we lived in a country where he could win and keep the White House from falling back into Republican hands, especially scary hands like Donald Trump’s or Ted Cruz’s. But we don’t live in that country.

Vote Bernie in the primary, but beware of messages claiming they won’t vote for Hillary unless Bernie wins. A lot of propaganda is emanating straight from the RNC. Anyone seriously claiming they’d rather Trump win than Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted.