Progressives: Here’s why a vote for Hillary may be smarter than a vote for Bernie

This is the best explanation I’ve read yet for why a vote for Hillary Clinton may be smarter than a vote for Bernie Sanders, even if you’re a progressive.

Read it BEFORE you fire up the flamethrower, Bernie fans.


Look, let’s get this out there once and for all: It’s not that I don’t think Bernie can win, it’s that I don’t want him to.

For some reason, that’s difficult for a lot of people to comprehend.

I am a progressive. I want the things Bernie promises for this country. I want universal health care, and free higher education, and reduced incarceration, and an end to the artificial redistribution of wealth into the pockets of the filthy rich.

But I also understand basic civics, and I read the news, so I know that the Republican party is simultaneously in shambles and completely entrenched in Congress.

Bernie Sanders has no plan for enacting his ambitious, domestic, legislative agenda other than “political revolution.” Vote for me, he says, and we’ll get the money out of politics and thereby force Congress to listen to the American people.

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