Prediction: Rush Limbaugh will leave radio this year

Rush Limbaugh will be leaving radio soon. His contract with Premiere is up this year and there most likely won’t be a new one. Parent company iHeartMedia won’t pay (and can’t afford) $70 million a year to keep him on when he’s losing massive amounts of money due to a combination of an ongoing advertiser boycott and the fact that ad companies aren’t buying AM radio anymore.

However, sources say Limbaugh’s reps are talking to SiriusXM, and rumor has it the satellite broadcaster may be interested because Limbaugh still has many fans, even though they’re old and dying.

But Limbaugh’s radio collapse has led to the collapse of liberal talk on the radio too. In fact, the entire nationally syndicated talk format is dying as talk stations in major markets shift to live and local. The future of talk — both liberal and conservative — is streaming.