Clinton accuses Sanders of disloyalty to Obama

One of the more interesting takeaways from Sunday night’s Democratic debate was Hillary Clinton’s apparent tactic to wrap herself up in President Obama in order to accuse Bernie Sanders of being disloyal to him.

Her line of attack didn’t sit well with Sanders, as seen in this share-worthy Vine, which WordPress, in its infinite wisdom, will not allow me to embed.

Clinton told the Charleston, South Carolina audience that Sanders has “criticized President Obama for taking donations from Wall Street. Senator Sanders called [Obama] weak, disappointing; he even in 2011 publicly sought someone to run in a primary against President Obama.”

That accusation¬†was originally leveled by Martin O’Malley in an earlier debate, and fact-checkers judged it half-true, because Sanders had only suggested it would be a good thing leading into the 2012 election to have a primary challenger pressuring Obama from the left.

Clinton obviously knows such a charge of disloyalty to the nation’s first black president would have resonance in South Carolina, where a large proportion of the Democratic electorate is black.

Sanders rejected the charge, saying that he and Obama “are friends” and “We’ve worked together on many issues.” Sanders said he campaigned hard for Obama in both 2008 and to see that Obama got reelected in 2012.