WATCH: Trump gets the boos

Donald Trump ended his speech early because he couldn’t handle the boos from the tea party crowd when he attacked Ted Cruz.

On Saturday afternoon in front of a crowd of tea party activists, TrumpĀ  went after the Texas senator, and the crowd defiantly booed the GOP frontrunner. According to the Associated Press:

Donald Trump ran afoul of some conservative activists Saturday with an attack on Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz for his failure to disclose certain bank loans during his 2012 Senate bid.

“You give a campaign contribution to Ted Cruz, you get whatever the hell you want,” Trump told a tea party gathering in the early voting state of South Carolina.

By the time Trump added that he thinks Cruz is “a nice guy,” loud boos had commenced among the hundreds of attendees divided almost exclusively between the two leading GOP contenders.

Rather than face the crowd’s ire, Trump ended early and left the stage. His attempts to turn the tea partiers back to his favor failed.

Earlier, at the Republican debate, Trump endured similar boos from the audience during his anti-Cruz diatribe.

It seems Cruz is the one offense the hardcore right wingers will not forgive.