Post-debate thoughts

In the fireworks at Sunday night’s Democratic debate, one thing I noticed is that for all the “attacks,” at no point was it nasty. So naturally Republicans will be talking about how boring it was… You know, boring… because it was actually about real policies and real issues.

Another thing I noticed, not just at this debate, is that our Democratic candidates are far more willing to talk about working with Republicans. But GOP debates are contests to see who can be the most insulting of the president, and the most demonizing of not just Democrats, but any Republicans not sufficiently “conservative” enough.

Now, about the scheduling…

Sunday night? Before a federal holiday? Okay.

I can’t help but feel if the resulting polls show a resounding victory for Sanders, there might be some second-guessing in the Clinton camp about not pushing for more debates.

Lots of blame is being aimed at Debbie Wasserman Schultz and, by extension, Hillary, for the, um, “light” schedule. But consider this: Hillary wins the nomination and goes on to beat Cruz and/or Trump in a landslide as the Republican party fractures into two or more factions… Well, then, DWS will be the hero.