Hillary bashers, be careful what you share

I’m not denying there’s some serious liberal opposition to Hillary Clinton, especially as she tries to draw policy differences with her main rival (and hero of the left) Bernie Sanders.

But Hillary bashers need to be aware that some of the material they’re sharing is coming from right wing sources, specifically designed to weaken her candidacy.

It’s all well and good for Democrats to have serious policy debates and differences, but we needn’t freak out that Hillary is attacking some of Bernie’s ideas and vice versa. They’re competing for the nomination, so OF COURSE they have to highlight they’re differences. It’s what politics is all about.

But keep in mind that conservative groups are sending a steady stream of posts attacking Clinton, some of them specifically designed to be spotted, and shared, by liberals.

Be careful, and don’t fall into the trap of tearing the party apart. The Republicans would LOVE for that to happen, even as they deal with their own party fracturing over the Trump vs Cruz war.

When the Democratic nomination process is over, don’t forget that if Hillary wins, Bernie will endorse her. And if Bernie wins, Hillary will endorse him. Don’t fire shots at each other designed to destroy. Let’s have some fire that generates more light than heat.