Republicans are very upset over Iran releasing prisoners

Iran has freed four U.S. prisoners as part of a prisoner swap, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, Marine veteran Amir Hekmati and Christian pastor Saeed Abedinir.

A fifth man — described as a recently detained student named Matthew Trevithick — was separately released.

Republicans are in a very pissy mood today, searching hard for some way to spin the prisoner release as a bad thing. They hate Obama far more than they love America.

No doubt Donald Trump, by this time tomorrow, will be excoriating Obama and demanding Iran release these prisoners. Rally-goers will cheer the moot saber-rattling. Trump will probably say that if he’d been president, he would have gone back in time to release the prisoners before they were taken.

The rest of the Republican candidates are spitting in rage at this good news. All they care about is that they’ve lost yet another talking point. They will never be able to acknowledge that diplomacy works, because diplomacy is something they don’t understand.