Curing cancer is a bad thing, because Obama

Amazing. Even curing cancer is a bad thing, because Obama.

Conservatives hate President Obama far more than they love America. If the president complimented a right winger on his smile, he’d shoot himself in the face.

Thursday, Fox News Medical A-Team member Dr. Marc Siegel suggested to the hosts of Fox & Friends that Barack Obama should not push to cure cancer because he was the “wrong commander-in-chief” for the job.

And then there was Paul Ryan, sitting behind the president during the State of the Union, refusing to applaud his call to find a cure for cancer.

If someone you love has died or is dying from cancer, take note that just because Obama wants to cure cancer, now Republicans are against it. They hate Obama so much they would rather people continue to die of cancer rather than agree with the scary black man in the White House.

Look we get it

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