A message for gun nuts

A message for gun nuts:

There’s no need for you to worry, the scary black man in the White House is never going to take your precious guns. I understand you’re scared to death of everything so you need those guns; I get it. But America is far too stupid to ever do anything about gun violence. We are just too dumb to do what other countries have successfully done. Besides, we Americans do NOT want fewer people killed, we want MORE, because that’s good for the gun business so it can ramp up paranoia and sell more guns and ammo.

If we didn’t do anything about gun violence after classrooms full of little kids had their bodies torn apart in high-powered weapons fire, we never will. We lack the guts, the courage, the morality to ever do anything about it.

So I’ve gone over to the gun nut side. I think we should all start carrying guns, ESPECIALLY young black men being gunned down by police, ESPECIALLY Black Lives Matter protesters, ESPECIALLY Muslims having their mosques firebombed and vandalized, ESPECIALLY women wanting to get abortions, ESPECIALLY liberals who are the targets of gun nut messiahs’ promises to come “hunt” us down “like dogs.”

Let’s see some Black Lives Matter protesters marching down the street open-carrying their weapons. Let’s see a parade of Muslims armed to the teeth and brandishing weapons. They have 2nd amendment rights too, right?

Yes, let’s ALL arm ourselves and let the shooting continue. Guns will solve all of our problems.