I love Bernie Sanders, but some of his alleged supporters are nuts

This whole “If Bernie doesn’t win the nomination I refuse to vote for Hillary” thing is a brilliant Donald Trump campaign strategy.

Just today an alleged Bernie supporter wrote on my Facebook wall that if Democrats vote for Hillary we will literally die. At the very least, that’s Trump-style hyperbole, and one of the main reasons the American political system is such an abject failure and beyond saving.

The political system has failed not because politicians are evil, but because we voters have all become so stupid. We believe the hyperbole. We get all lathered up and go crazy.

Hillary supporters attack me if I post something positive about Bernie. Bernie supporters attack me if I post something positive about Hillary. And of course, Trump supporters send me death threats when I criticize him.

Bernie supporters seem especially lathered these days, with a full-scale, all-out war on anyone who might dare suggest voting for Hillary. (I’m pretty sure Bernie would condemn these ridiculous attacks.) But they fail to realize that Bernie won’t save us.

No one can.

So what if Bernie Sanders gets elected? What then? There won’t be a Republican congress pledging their lives to block anything he wants to do? Not to mention the money-laden Democrats who will oppose him at the behest of their corporate lobbyists? Please.

I wasn’t planning on voting. I think the system is too far gone for that. But I might just vote for Hillary out of spite for the stupidity, even though I like Bernie a hell of a lot more than I like Hillary.

But I won’t vote for Trump. I’m not that crazy.