Teddy gets two-faced on marriage

Ted Cruz told a Manhattan audience at a GOP fundraiser earlier this month that fighting gay marriage would NOT be a “top priority” in a hypothetical Cruz administration, according to audio provided to Politico.

Back in June, Cruz promised on NPR that opposition to marriage equality would be “front and center” in his campaign. And in July, he said the Supreme Court’s decision allowing same sex marriage was the “very definition of tyranny.”

But his principles changed this month, behind closed doors at a Manhattan fundraiser. Little Teddy assured a Republican gay-rights supporter that a Cruz administration would not make fighting gay marriage a top priority.

Cruz answered a flat NO when asked whether fighting same-sex marriage is a “top-three priority,” an answer tailored for his socially moderate hosts but will be surprising to his hardcore right wing evangelical backers.

Gov. Mike Huckabee, also a contender for the Republican crown (and evangelical miter), was quick to blast Cruz on Twitter, albeit obliquely.

Huckabee sent out these tweets in quick succession Wednesday morning:

Should conservatives support a corporately-funded candidate that says one thing at a Manhattan fundraiser & another at a Marshaltown church?

Shouldn’t candidates be expected to have authenticity & consistency, instead of looking at a map to decide what to believe & what to say?

If marriage & sanctity of life are truly issues of principle-not politics-there shouldn’t be geographical boundaries to what’s right & wrong