Sanders sues the DNC

The lawsuit was filed hours after the DNC barred the Sanders campaign from accessing the party’s voter file, as well as his campaign’s own data, after a breach by a campaign staffer obtaining private data from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Sanders campaign said it has fired that staffer.

The 12-page lawsuit filed with the U.S. Court for the District of Columbia claims that the loss of access to the voter file amounts to “damage and financial losses … that are incapable of precise calculation, but exceed $600,000.00 per day.” It argues that the “loss of DNC support could significantly disadvantage, if not cripple, a Democratic candidate’s campaign for public office.”

The suit asks for “immediate restoration” of the campaign’s access to the voter data system, damages “presently known to exceed $75,000.00” and whatever else “the Court deems just and proper.”

Source: Sanders sues Democratic Party | TheHill