Trump does lots of business in Muslim countries, some with possible ties to terrorism

Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the US is not only getting backlash politically, it could also get some business backlash, and cost him a lot of money.

You see, Trump does a lot of business in and with Muslim countries, including some countries that the US government has issues with over terrorism ties.

Yes, Donald Trump, Muslim hater, may be doing business with terrorists.

People in New York may remember that a Saudi royal prince had to bail Trump out when his Plaza Hotel investment was crashing and burning.

Yes, it is possible the country is so off the rails that Donald Trump may win the Republican nomination and maybe even the White House.

But if not, if the country wakes up and realizes what a sick, vile, dangerous man he is, here’s hoping his “brand” is so damaged he’ll never be able to trouble us again, not even with a reality show.