The gun industry LOVES mass shootings. Here’s why.

Research shows that gun sales go up every time there’s a mass murder. The FBI defines mass murder as four or more murders during the same event, generally at the same location.

So whenever a massacre occurs, the gun industry sees dollar signs. Naturally, they don’t want ANYTHING to get in the way of more mass shootings. The more dead bodies, the better.

Their response to mass murder is always the same, and almost always instantaneous: “Oh my god! There’s been a mass shooting! Liberals are going to use this as an excuse to grab all the guns! You better stock up while you still can! GAAA!”

Gun makers and gun sellers then laugh all the way to the bank, barely able to contain their glee, even as the bodies lie there, still warm.

They do this by exploiting a popular belief that more guns means less crime.

But research on guns and crime comes to a very different conclusion. A 2003 study looked at states that loosened their concealed-carry laws to make obtaining permits easier. The authors did not find evidence of any increase or decrease in crime resulting from the laws. Other research finds that loosening these laws may actually increase crime.

Gun ownership might have a positive relationship with homicide. For instance, a 2013 study found that a 1% increase in gun ownership was associated with a nearly 1% increase in gun homicide. While others find that using a gun for protection decreases the likelihood of crime victim injury, the exact number of times guns are used in defensive situations is unknown and the subject of intense debate.

Source: Research shows gun purchases go up after mass shootings