Obama just doesn’t get it

President Obama says it’s “insane” that someone on the no-fly list can buy assault weapons in America. He says if someone is too dangerous to fly on a plane, they’re too dangerous to buy a gun.

Of course it’s insane, Mr. President. BECAUSE AMERICA IS INSANE. When the hell is that going to sink in, Barack? Get it through your thick skull — AMERICA IS CRAZY. That’s why we do insane things.

It’s time we elect a president who is as insane as the country. If Obama is so stupid he doesn’t recognize how crazy America is, it’s time to dump him and his whole party. Let’s put the crazy people in charge of this crazy country.

Oh, and more guns. More guns for everyone. That’s the only way to solve our problems. In fact, if everyone had a gun, we wouldn’t need to waste money on elections.


One thought on “Obama just doesn’t get it

  1. Oh my gosh. I recognize your state of mind well. Massive frustration, sarcasm, and likely exhaustion. You just can’t understand how people can be so out of it, right? I know….

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