With Trump ramping up hate, Muslim Americans prepare for dark days

Muslim Americans fear their religion will be demonized and Islamophobia will spread after a young Muslim couple was accused of carrying out one of the bloodiest mass killings in the US.

This time the backlash will be far worse with Donald Trump ramping up hate to a fever pitch. I fear there will be much violence this time. In this day where people who are assumed to be immigrants are attacked in Trump’s name, domestic terrorists shoot up clinics as they repeat Carly Fiorina’s talking points, and threats against mosques and Muslims are at a high, an explosion of violence across America is virtually guaranteed.

If Trump makes it to the White House, expect very dark days for Muslims, immigrants and black people in America. Trump is doing precisely the same thing Hitler did — appealing to hatred and bigotry, uniting his followers against a hated group of people, inspiring fear of them, rage at them, and directing violence toward them, blaming them for every grievance Americans have.

Godwin’s Law? Trump is making it irrelevant.