We should all arm ourselves, especially the following groups of people

I have gone over to the gun nut cause, because it is quite clear the gun nuts have won.

So, with that in mind, I believe we all should begin arming ourselves with high-powered assault weaponry, ESPECIALLY the following groups of people:

Blacks Lives Matter activists. They should immediately begin buying up assault rifles and ammo, and open-carrying them everywhere, as should all black people, who are regularly targeted for killing by cops, especially when they’re unarmed.

Women planning to get an abortion. They need protection from anti-choice nutjobs with all their threats.

Anyone who works for Planned Parenthood. For obvious reasons.

Muslim-Americans, in the face are what is sure to be a wave of backlash violence against them.

Anyone with brown skin, whom stupid Americans will assume are ISIS terrorists.

Liberals, because we are directly threatened every day by the likes of NRA board member Ted Nugent, who regularly preaches that liberals should be “eliminated,” “eradicated” and “shot between the eyes” like “rabid dogs,” and “hunted down.”

Those groups of people, especially, should arm themselves with the most high-powered assault weaponry allowed by law, and should be just as armed and ready to KILL as rednecks and white radical Christian jihadists.

Let’s all be armed, and start shooting away at any perceived threat, or if we just don’t like the way someone looks at us.

In fact, let’s give guns to kids as soon as they hit elementary school. Guns will solve all our problems. Soon enough, all of our arguing will cease, and the country will be quiet. Deathly quiet.

Please note, I am satirizing the gun nut call of “More guns! More guns!” On the other hand, the gun nuts are so dangerous maybe it behooves us to protect ourselves from them.