Jon Ritzheimer (Facebook)

FBI looking for armed anti-Muslim activist after threat against town

This is becoming the new normal after presidential candidates have ramped up hateful rhetoric against Muslims, women, pro-choice supporters, health clinics, refugees, Black Lives Matter activists, and protesters. More and more nutcases are convinced that taking action against the objects of their hate is acceptable.

Residents and authorities in a rural upstate New York community are worried after an Arizona man posted a video online showing himself with a gun and saying he was traveling to the town for a possible confrontation.

Jon Ritzheimer, of Phoenix, Arizona, was seen with a gun and claiming that he was heading to Islamberg, home to a small Muslim community about 130 miles northwest of New York City.

Ritzheimer posted the video on Facebook.

It was at least the second threat against the town this year, after an ex-Congressional candidate from Tennessee was accused of plotting to burn down a mosque and use an assault rifle against anyone who tried to stop him.

Robert Doggart, who made a failed bid for Congress in 2014 as an independent with extreme right wing views, pleaded guilty in April to interstate communication of threats.

Photo: Jon Ritzheimer (Facebook)

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