America is ready for fascism

America is ready for fascism. Wealthy corporations already control our government, and an outright fascist is running for president and garnering much support.

No, I’m not going to say that if Donald Trump is elected America will die. I’m saying America is already dead. Trump, with his unfurling fascist rhetoric and fascistic followers, is merely the stench of the decaying body.

Whether or not Trump actually wins the nomination or, more likely, does not, he has already pulled one of our two national parties far to the right and deep into fascist territory, and our political process will not recover from it. Future politicians will take the lesson to heart, as even some of our current politicians are learning, that you can go as far right as you want, and there will be rabid followers behind you, ready to burn books, stomp heads, and justify literally anything in order to rid the country of unwanted elements.