The hardest way for a terrorist to enter the US: As a refugee

The refugee program is the toughest way for a foreigner to legally enter the United States. There are other security gaps that would be a lot easier for would-be terrorists to exploit, and right now those gaps are wide open.

Refugees have to undergo a screening process that can last up to two years, 18 months minimum. And that’s before individual countries even begin to consider a refugee’s application and conduct their own background checks.

But there’s an even easier way to get into the U.S. if you’re a citizen of one of 38 mostly European countries, including France and Belgium.

Travelers from those countries don’t even need to first apply for a visa to get into the our country. They buy a ticket, grab their passports, and undergo the usual screening from U.S. customs officials when they land.

The fact that most of the Paris attack suspects were European citizens who would have had access to the visa waiver program is setting off some alarm bells.

So harping on Syrian and Iraqi refugees won’t do a damn thing to make us safer. It’s just more brown people-bashing.

Source: Entering U.S. as refugees would be hard for terrorists –