Donald Trump says he can predict terrorism

Donald Trump may be pranking us after all.

The GOP front-runner could be just trying to show us that America is so stupid we’ll vote for someone who says crazy shit with absolutely no substance whatsoever… Like claiming that he can predict terrorism.

No, really, Trump says he can predict terrorism, and that’s why we should vote for him.

Leaving out for a moment that if he can predict terrorism then why the hell didn’t he warn us about the Paris attacks, he claimed that he “predicted” in 2000 that Osama bin Laden wanted to attack America.

Gee, a whole bunch of people were saying that, including President Bill Clinton, and a bunch of President George W. Bush’s advisers as well. So I don’t know if that counts so much as a prediction.

But he seems to be banking on the fact that no matter how crazy he gets, there are Americans stupid enough to believe him and support him. And maybe even make him president.

I fear he’s right.

A scarier thought, however, may be that Trump himself believes the totally crazy shit he says. And Americans may be dumb enough to give him control of our nuclear weapons.