Muslims in America help prevent terror attacks

The terror attacks in France have created an orgasm of bigotry and hate from the right wing in America. Conservative pundits and politicians are calling for the outlawing of Islam, the closing of mosques, the turning away of Muslim refugees, and the banning of Muslims from politics, jobs and schools. The are leaders in the conservative movement who actually say that the Constitution’s freedom of religion only applies to Christians, not to Muslims or any other belief. They call for the eradication of all Muslims everywhere in the world.

Aside from giving the terrorists exactly what they want, it completely ignores that the vast majority of Muslims condemn terrorism and violence. But it also ignores that without Muslims in America, it’s very likely we would have had many more terrorist attacks.

Why? Aside from the fact that the majority of tips and intelligence about possible radicalized Muslims in the US comes from the American Muslim community, it is also a fact that the integration of Muslims in our society, that they are protected by our laws, keeps more of them from being disaffected and radicalized.

But if right wingers in America have their way, that will change.