ISIS wants Christians and Muslims to fight a religious war. Conservatives are happy to comply.

Donald Trump says we should consider shutting down mosques. Some Christian pastors say we should deny freedom of religion to Muslims in America and not allow anyone of the Islamic faith to enter the United States.

Ted Cruz wants us to drop lots more bombs and not worry so much about civilian casualties, something which plays right into ISIS’ accusation against the west that we kill innocent Muslims.

Jeb Bush, the “moderate” GOP candidates, says we should help the refugees but only the Christian ones.

The other GOP candidates, playing to their hateful base, are equally bellicose against all Muslims.

In other words, conservatives and right wing Christians want to give ISIS exactly what it wants: worldwide religious warfare between Christians and Muslims. ISIS wants a religious war because it would swell the ranks of its recruits, and Republicans and religious nuts in this country seem all too willing to help.