WATCH: San Francisco cops savagely beat man lying on the ground

Meanwhile, in America…

An investigation into the brutal beating of a man in San Francisco’s Mission District has been launched by the Alameda County Sheriff after a video showing the savage assault by police went public.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi said the encounter was “reminiscent of Rodney King,” and excessive force was clearly used by the two deputies.

Here’s the video. WARNING – it is INCREDIBLY brutal.

From the article:

The video shows the deputies chasing after a man at the corner of Clinton Park and Stevenson Street at about 2:05 a.m. Thursday. One deputy jumps on the man, knocking him down, and goes on to punch him twice while he was still on the ground.

He gets off as the second deputy pulls out his baton, and uses it to strike the man on the head. The video jumps 10 seconds to both deputies using their batons on the man as he struggled on his knees and screamed for help.

The video jumps once more to show the man on his knees with his hands on his head, and one deputy pushing him to the ground so he and the other deputy could continue hitting him with their batons.

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